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Advice needed [17 Mar 2017|01:55am]

Not sure if anyone still reads this, but thought it was worth a try. I have a bunny, she eats well. She eats everything. But she is *constantly* hungry. She will steal food off your plate, eat anything going, jump in the bins and root through them. She is always so skinny no matter how much hay we give her. We even tried for as many pellets as she could get at one point, but no luck.

The vet can't find anything wrong. No obstructions, she's usually in good health. But there was one time where her blood sugar dropped so low that she started having seizures and needed a glucose drip to bring her out of it (really lucky she didn't die!). She had been eating the morning before, and bounced right back after that. After 3 months she's okay, but occasionally is clumsy and shows the same warning signs as when she was super ill. We feel her loads of hay and banana chips when that happens and we've not had a repeat.

But does anyone have any ideas what this could be? Its not parasites, not worms, no lumps for cancer, nothing in her digestive track. She is just constantly eating, constantly hungry and occasionally dropping blood sugar. Bunny diabetes is apparently not a thing, although the vet is suspicious now as well...
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Stewie [30 Dec 2016|01:17pm]


Well on Wednesday he was supposed to see his normal vet, but they called to say that they were gonna be closed that day (totally not normal for them, sonthere must've been an emergency).

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stasis :( [05 Nov 2016|09:33pm]


My sweet little Snowy has stasis. I noticed she hadnt eaten her pellets from last night and that was very unlike her, so I took her to a vet because my normal one didn't have any appointments for two weeks.

Anyway, x-ray confirmed stasis and Snowy has a lot of gas bubbles in the cecum. Snowy got painkillers, sub-q fluids, and a dose of cisapride. I came home with critical care and cisapride. I did some belly massaging and after the second dose of cisapride, I heard a lot of rumbling so I hope the gas is passing.

What I think happened is that my toddler threw something in her cage that he shouldn't have, like foam, and she ingested it which is causing the stasis.

I hope she gets better :/

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Thoughts? [17 May 2015|03:05am]

[ mood | amused ]

I thought this was cute: http://www.livescience.com/28162-rabbits.html

However, there is a typo in there. Quiz: Can anyone spot it and if so, what is the correct term?

Thoughts on this?

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Bunnies! [14 May 2015|08:38am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

The second bunny photo down looks almost exactly like my Spot (rabbit I owned when I was in second grade) did!

Source: Bing.
Link: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=bunny+photos&view=detail&id=DC01295C02C89B3591C06BF0DDECDA07D86FD071&qpvt=bunny+photos&first=15&count=1&FORM=IDFRIR


Hello! [12 May 2015|11:36am]

[ mood | artsy ]

Hello I am new here! My name is Rebecca. I once owned several pet rabbits. I am sorry that I do not have any photos to show but these were the times before cellphones came out. And before the Internet became public. So maybe later I will scrounge up some photos of my previous bunnies and post them later. I absolutely love bunnies and am willing to help any who need and/or want it.

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Best filler for a dig box? [21 Feb 2015|02:26pm]

Hi!  I'm putting together a dig box for my bunnies.  It will be outside so they can make all the mess they want.  I already got a huge plastic bin (similar to this) and I'm considering using either soil (plain, clean soil with no fertilizers or fillers) or sand.  Which do you think would be better?  I read somewhere that rabbits love to dig in sand, but it seems like it would be frustrating to dig and not really be able to make a proper hole.  And since they're indoor rabbits, which would be easier to get out of their fur when it's time to go back inside (they're both short-haired)?
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Teeth? [06 Dec 2014|05:19pm]

I'm having an issue with my Flemish giant cross, Gabriel. He somehow got his face stuck on the mesh of his run, which I discovered when I went to clean out the hutch and run. I checked the mesh for anything sharp and found nothing. I then checked him over and found a tooth sticking out of his mouth, which had totally come away. I don't know if it was loose or if he broke it off struggling to detach himself from the mesh. When he was given up to the rescue, he had all his front incisors removed and then we adopted him two years later (yeah, he was around the rescue a long time!). We've had him at least a year, so it's been a while since he had them removed. Bit surprised that he seems to be regrowing his front teeth, as when I checked his mouth there was another tiny tooth poking out where his front incisor would be. He's still eating fine and there was no blood in or around his mouth, just the tooth that I pulled out.

Is this something that happens sometimes and what would normally be done about it? Obviously I can take him to the vet asap but I'd like to have an idea of what's going on too.
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Fleas and rabbits. [22 Nov 2014|04:41pm]

My long distance boyfriend who was planning to come down in two weeks, just found out that his cat has fleas.

I know there are not regular treatments for rabbits for fleas.

So would it be safe for him to visit my apartment in two weeks if he starts treating his cat for fleas now? Or should we cancel the trip?
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Bunny Comfort [23 Oct 2014|12:13am]

Hello! I have a male/female bonded pair named Yuki and Hana. Hana is very timid and nervous so I figured when I need to take her somewhere, like the vet, I'd bring Yuki with her for comfort. I'm not sure if I should do the same for Yuki, though. On the one hand, it doesn't seem like he would need it as much and it would likely just stress Hana out unnecessarily, but on the other, maybe it would stress her out to leave her by herself at home.

I do think maybe it would be better to take her along so she could also get more used to traveling, but she seems like such a delicate thing, so I worry. Thoughts?

Thanks! :)
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Angus and Shadow [15 Aug 2014|09:10am]

I've not posted to this community for ages, but I thought I would try and get some advice. We have two new bunnies.

Angus we adopted in October last year. He's a lovely tiny chap, very protective of his food (takes it from you then runs to find somewhere to go eat it). He's always been quite friendly, but my god is he afraid of everything. When we got him home first he was afraid of his shadow, his food bowl and even the fridge compressor clicking on. He's gotten a lot better though.

Two weeks ago we decided he would be better off with a friend. Until now we've both been working from home a lot, and so he was never alone. This may change soon with my husband starting his new job and we didn't want Angus to be lonely. We went back to the shelter and introduced him to a new bunny, Shadow. The shelter looked after both of them for three days and took care of the bonding. It was apparently like love at first sight.

We've had the two of them at home for around two weeks now and everything was going fine until last night. Angus is still protective of his food. However, Shadow is a greedy bunny who will take whatever he is eating right out of his mouth if she can get away with it. We thought we were getting through to her that it wasn't acceptable. They both get the same food (in this case it was a slice of carrot, one each). She will finish hers really fast and then go to take his. Last night something must have tipped the scales as I was needing to break up a full on fur pulling rabbit fight.

There was no blood, and Angus came off worse for it. His fur was everywhere, but he pulled a load of hers out (and was sat on the sofa after I separated them for a few minutes to try and work out what on earth was going on with a mouthful of white fur he looked very proud of). Since then they've been back together, they were only apart from five minutes or so and they will eat things, hop around each other and sit together again.

This morning Shadow went to take his carrot slice again (I don't normally give them carrot every day, but I wanted to see if my suspicions were right about what happened). She went to take it from him and I had to stop her and give it back to Angus.

I'm not not really sure what to do. How do we stop them from fighting? Is there a way to train a bunny not to steal food? Is this normal when bonding bunnies? Argh! They've got a vets appointment booked in to check them over after the fight just to make sure everything is okay, but I'm not sure how to prevent it from becoming a 'thing'.

Anyway! Pictures!
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help. Stray bunny, don't know what to do. [10 Aug 2014|09:07am]
So a few days ago, I noticed a domestic black and white rabbit around my yard and a neighbors yard. Everytime I tried to call it, it would run under my neighbors porch. I left a cage with everything in it (ffood, water, and bedding) with a towel over it under some trees between our two yards so maybe it could use it as a home base. No such luck. il only spent one night under the porch and I didn't see it at all yesterday. Checked at dawn and dusk and nothing. The food that my neighbor left out was untouched (tthey left out carrots and a bowl of water) . This morning, about half an hour ago, I sighted it in a field adjacent to my yard. I took my own bunny out to see if I could lure it over, but it huge hhugged the treeline. I live in a woodsy area, so I didn't want to scare it off. It seems, however, that it is either following or has made friends with a wild rabbit around here. So now I am wondering, should I continue to try to catch it? If so, how? I have frends at the local shelter who may be able to let me borrow a humane cat trap, but I don't want to catch it if it can survive with its buddy and will be heartbroken and depressed if taken from it. You know? I know it's dangerous but maybe the wold one will help it stay safe? I don't know. I need help. If I were to catch it, I have a rabbit so I have all the supplies to take care of it. I just sdon't know if it needs rescuing, or even wants it. Please don't scold me or anything for asking this. I'm trying to make sure it's safe AND happy. Thank you in advance. Please help.
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How long until she's back to normal? [28 Jul 2014|08:31pm]


I had my bunny Snowy spayed on Wednesday, the 23rd. She stayed overnight at the vets and I brought her home Thursday. She did not want to eat or drink even with the Metacam. I syringe fed her water and she took a couple of bites of spinach that night but that was it. She perked up a lot the next day and was back to scarfing down pellets, pooping great, etc. She doesn't seem to be all there, though.

Before she was spayed, she used to love to jump up on the bed next to me and I would pet and cuddle with her for hours. She really enjoyed that. She hasn't been friendly since she's been home. She's not mean, but she doesn't come up to me anymore or hang out with me. All she wants to do is lay on the floor. I understand she may still be sore/recovering, though I've given her Metacam every day and she happily takes it.

I had had one other bunny spayed but she came home and acted as if nothing ever happened, so it was a bit different with Penny.

This is Snowy the day she came home. I felt so bad for putting her through the spay, but I wouldn't do it if it weren't for her own good.

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Advice for bunny with emergency condition? [22 Jun 2014|05:13pm]

Hi everyone!

This week has been stressful for me and my 5 1/2 year old MiniRex, Hayden. Monday night I took him to the animal hospital for GI Stasis. He spent a night in the hospital. Then he spent another two days at at our regular exotics vet on IV fluids, Metacam, and Reglan.

He's still in GI Stasis, but he's eating hay and while still not quite normal, he's at least going to the bathroom more than he was before. I took him to the vet yesterday morning and she said he was doing okay and to keep giving him the medications. My boyfriend asked them to do bloodwork just in case there was an underlying cause. I'm waiting on a phone call for the results. Edit: My vet did call about an hour ago. I didn't hear my phone, but she left a message that his blood panels are normal, but he has a higher white count, so she's going to prescribe antibiotics, which she says I only need to fill if he seems to be declining.

Last night, he developed a tick where he's bobbing his head, but he's otherwise behaving totally normal. So I took him back to the animal hospital last night and they said he has tachycardia (abnormally fast heartrate), probably caused by some food pressing on his chest from the GI Stasis -- this was their guess, they said they didn't actually know. They wanted $2k to treat him.

Both times I've been to this hospital, I've felt extremely uncomfortable. Both doctors were accusatory and said this only happens if you overfeed your rabbit and don't give him enough exercise. I explained that Hayden spends plenty of time out of his cage and the exotics vet reported he was thin because of the GI Stasis. The doc said that might be true, but his body fat qualifies him as obese. I can understand their concern because I'm sure they see it all the time, but I assure you I'm not in denial and if my vet had informed me of this and asked me to take steps, I would be happy to comply. But he's the doctor so I asked him what I should do for the weight and he I KID YOU NOT, told me to chase my tachycardiac rabbit around the room to encourage him to exercise. Which, I'm not a rocket scientist, but I'm pretty sure that raising an already high heart rate is a recipe for disaster. There was no way I was letting this guy treat my pet.

I felt like I was at a stalemate with them. So I asked them to prescribe something for pain because the Metacam seems to wear off at night and took him home.

tl;dr My bunny is recovering from GI Stasis and last night developed Tachycardia. The doctor at the animal hospital wanted to do $2k worth of tests and were giving me information I didn't trust so I asked for a pain med and brought him home.

If his condition gets any worse, I will take him to another 24 hour animal hospital tonight, but if he's stable, I'll wait and take him to my regular vet in the morning as soon as she opens.

But I wanted to post here and ask if anyone has any experience with tachycardia in their rabbit and could share their story with me?
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