mybabynutmeg (mybabynutmeg) wrote in bunnyowners,

help. Stray bunny, don't know what to do.

So a few days ago, I noticed a domestic black and white rabbit around my yard and a neighbors yard. Everytime I tried to call it, it would run under my neighbors porch. I left a cage with everything in it (ffood, water, and bedding) with a towel over it under some trees between our two yards so maybe it could use it as a home base. No such luck. il only spent one night under the porch and I didn't see it at all yesterday. Checked at dawn and dusk and nothing. The food that my neighbor left out was untouched (tthey left out carrots and a bowl of water) . This morning, about half an hour ago, I sighted it in a field adjacent to my yard. I took my own bunny out to see if I could lure it over, but it huge hhugged the treeline. I live in a woodsy area, so I didn't want to scare it off. It seems, however, that it is either following or has made friends with a wild rabbit around here. So now I am wondering, should I continue to try to catch it? If so, how? I have frends at the local shelter who may be able to let me borrow a humane cat trap, but I don't want to catch it if it can survive with its buddy and will be heartbroken and depressed if taken from it. You know? I know it's dangerous but maybe the wold one will help it stay safe? I don't know. I need help. If I were to catch it, I have a rabbit so I have all the supplies to take care of it. I just sdon't know if it needs rescuing, or even wants it. Please don't scold me or anything for asking this. I'm trying to make sure it's safe AND happy. Thank you in advance. Please help.
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If it's a domestic rabbit and not a wild one, chances are someone let them loose because they didn't want them anymore.

I think it's better for the rabbit to be caught. It might not know how to fend for itself and it's very vulnerable to other animals and whatever else may be around, like cars.

I wonder if pellets would be enough to lure it.
That's what I was thinking, too. There are certain things domestic animals don't learn. It's instinct. I tried leaving out pellets but it hasn't taken the bait yet. I had a dream I caught, though. Hopefully my dreams can tell the future. :) Thank you for your reply!
Good luck! :)
Thank you! No sign of it yet...
IMHO far better to catch it if you can, it will not survive long in the wild.
Keywords: If I can. Haha. Its a stubborn bunny. I'm gonna pick up some bananas though and see if that helps persuade it. Thank you for the help!
Okay. Update. Haven't caught the bun yet, but hoping some timmy hay will draw it in. If not, I know where it's hiding spot is now so once my neighbors wake up (they have children aging from 9 months to 6 years, so I definitely don't wanna wake up the babies.) I'll head over and ask so I don't get shot because they think I'm a thief. XD Will update again soon.