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I'm having an issue with my Flemish giant cross, Gabriel. He somehow got his face stuck on the mesh of his run, which I discovered when I went to clean out the hutch and run. I checked the mesh for anything sharp and found nothing. I then checked him over and found a tooth sticking out of his mouth, which had totally come away. I don't know if it was loose or if he broke it off struggling to detach himself from the mesh. When he was given up to the rescue, he had all his front incisors removed and then we adopted him two years later (yeah, he was around the rescue a long time!). We've had him at least a year, so it's been a while since he had them removed. Bit surprised that he seems to be regrowing his front teeth, as when I checked his mouth there was another tiny tooth poking out where his front incisor would be. He's still eating fine and there was no blood in or around his mouth, just the tooth that I pulled out.

Is this something that happens sometimes and what would normally be done about it? Obviously I can take him to the vet asap but I'd like to have an idea of what's going on too.

Tags: dental problems, medical question
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