Ophelia (starrynight) wrote in bunnyowners,

How long until she's back to normal?

I had my bunny Snowy spayed on Wednesday, the 23rd. She stayed overnight at the vets and I brought her home Thursday. She did not want to eat or drink even with the Metacam. I syringe fed her water and she took a couple of bites of spinach that night but that was it. She perked up a lot the next day and was back to scarfing down pellets, pooping great, etc. She doesn't seem to be all there, though.

Before she was spayed, she used to love to jump up on the bed next to me and I would pet and cuddle with her for hours. She really enjoyed that. She hasn't been friendly since she's been home. She's not mean, but she doesn't come up to me anymore or hang out with me. All she wants to do is lay on the floor. I understand she may still be sore/recovering, though I've given her Metacam every day and she happily takes it.

I had had one other bunny spayed but she came home and acted as if nothing ever happened, so it was a bit different with Penny.

This is Snowy the day she came home. I felt so bad for putting her through the spay, but I wouldn't do it if it weren't for her own good.

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