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Angus and Shadow

I've not posted to this community for ages, but I thought I would try and get some advice. We have two new bunnies.

Angus we adopted in October last year. He's a lovely tiny chap, very protective of his food (takes it from you then runs to find somewhere to go eat it). He's always been quite friendly, but my god is he afraid of everything. When we got him home first he was afraid of his shadow, his food bowl and even the fridge compressor clicking on. He's gotten a lot better though.

Two weeks ago we decided he would be better off with a friend. Until now we've both been working from home a lot, and so he was never alone. This may change soon with my husband starting his new job and we didn't want Angus to be lonely. We went back to the shelter and introduced him to a new bunny, Shadow. The shelter looked after both of them for three days and took care of the bonding. It was apparently like love at first sight.

We've had the two of them at home for around two weeks now and everything was going fine until last night. Angus is still protective of his food. However, Shadow is a greedy bunny who will take whatever he is eating right out of his mouth if she can get away with it. We thought we were getting through to her that it wasn't acceptable. They both get the same food (in this case it was a slice of carrot, one each). She will finish hers really fast and then go to take his. Last night something must have tipped the scales as I was needing to break up a full on fur pulling rabbit fight.

There was no blood, and Angus came off worse for it. His fur was everywhere, but he pulled a load of hers out (and was sat on the sofa after I separated them for a few minutes to try and work out what on earth was going on with a mouthful of white fur he looked very proud of). Since then they've been back together, they were only apart from five minutes or so and they will eat things, hop around each other and sit together again.

This morning Shadow went to take his carrot slice again (I don't normally give them carrot every day, but I wanted to see if my suspicions were right about what happened). She went to take it from him and I had to stop her and give it back to Angus.

I'm not not really sure what to do. How do we stop them from fighting? Is there a way to train a bunny not to steal food? Is this normal when bonding bunnies? Argh! They've got a vets appointment booked in to check them over after the fight just to make sure everything is okay, but I'm not sure how to prevent it from becoming a 'thing'.

Anyway! Pictures!

Angus when we first got him home, he is so tiny!

Shadow exploring her new house

Shadow and Angus investigating the litter tray. There are now two litter trays, this was only for a day while we sorted out the new stuff. There are also two sources for water - the bottle and a bowl.

Angus and shadow hanging out and being friends!
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