nicole (chaos_bolt) wrote in bunnyowners,

Fleas and rabbits.

My long distance boyfriend who was planning to come down in two weeks, just found out that his cat has fleas.

I know there are not regular treatments for rabbits for fleas.

So would it be safe for him to visit my apartment in two weeks if he starts treating his cat for fleas now? Or should we cancel the trip?
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If he starts NOW and its something better than a flea collar (drops, pills) you should be right.

Otherwise, keep the cat separate from the bunnies for double protection. IDK if it's available for you, but Revolution for Kittens is fine to use on bunnies.

/ so many flea incidents thanks to housemate's cat
The cat won't be with him. We're just worried about fleas possibly traveling on him/his stuff.

If he doesn't bring the cat, and starts treating the cat NOW, do you think it would be safe for him to come over? I don't want to risk my rabbits health.
Rabbits can recieve monthly doses of kitten Revolution. I would get some and dose your buns now, and if you see any fleas hanging around while he visits or after he leaves, give them another dose in another two weeks to be safe. They'll be fine.
Alright, thank you.