flurp (evilpettingz00) wrote in bunnyowners,

Best filler for a dig box?

Hi!  I'm putting together a dig box for my bunnies.  It will be outside so they can make all the mess they want.  I already got a huge plastic bin (similar to this) and I'm considering using either soil (plain, clean soil with no fertilizers or fillers) or sand.  Which do you think would be better?  I read somewhere that rabbits love to dig in sand, but it seems like it would be frustrating to dig and not really be able to make a proper hole.  And since they're indoor rabbits, which would be easier to get out of their fur when it's time to go back inside (they're both short-haired)?
Tags: questions, toys
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February 21 2015, 22:54:06 UTC 3 years ago Edited:  February 21 2015, 22:57:50 UTC

Mine have a dig box and I found dirt the better option - it stays cooler for longer and tends to clump together when the bun is digging, while sand tends to go everywhere in a small shower of dust. You can also pack the dirt down hard to give your bun a nice challenge and workout.

Added bonus, you can grow grass in the dirt if so inclined :P

*Edit* You'll find neither the dirt or sand will stick for long and they'll clean themselves off pretty quickly.
Thanks for the tips! :)
I made a box of shredded paper with holes in the sides and top, and toss in a few pellets or craisins for my bun to go digging for. The dirt kind really isn't for me, as I live in a 3rd floor city condo.
Ah, yeah, I dot hat for them sometimes, too. :)
Sand would be a better choice then, since they are indoor rabbits because, I think, it would be easier to brush out of their fur. Just a simple brush and dust off and--poof--good as new. Dirt, although a better choice for digging, I have found to be much more difficult to get out of their fur. Good luck to you, whatever you decide.
Thanks! I went with dirt and so far, it seems easy enough to brush off their fur, though now I'm worrying about undesirable things growing in it when it's not in use (even though, or actually BECAUSE I keep it covered when not in use.)
If you keep the box covered when it's not in use, then that shouldn't be a problem. Good luck!
Thanks! :)