Ophelia (starrynight) wrote in bunnyowners,

stasis :(

My sweet little Snowy has stasis. I noticed she hadnt eaten her pellets from last night and that was very unlike her, so I took her to a vet because my normal one didn't have any appointments for two weeks.

Anyway, x-ray confirmed stasis and Snowy has a lot of gas bubbles in the cecum. Snowy got painkillers, sub-q fluids, and a dose of cisapride. I came home with critical care and cisapride. I did some belly massaging and after the second dose of cisapride, I heard a lot of rumbling so I hope the gas is passing.

What I think happened is that my toddler threw something in her cage that he shouldn't have, like foam, and she ingested it which is causing the stasis.

I hope she gets better :/

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I hope she gets better soon too.
My PJ had gut stasis. He ended up at the vet 5 times in 7 days but he did get through it.
Oh wow. Im glad he made it through.

Snowy seems to be doing slighlty better as she ate some romaine and parsley, which I soaked in water. I syringe fed her some critical care for hydration and I'll be doing the same today. Might be a while until she feels good enough to be her normal self.
How's Snowy going now?
So much better! She's not gobbling up pellets, but she is eating quite a lot of wet greens and doesn't need syringe feeding. Im soooooo glad I took her to the vet, if I had even waited a day I bet it would have been a lot worse.
I'm so glad to hear she's much better!
Me too. My bunnies are like my babies. The vet did say to continue the meds because Snowy's stomach had a ton of food in it so Im actually surprised my bun bun is doing as well as she is.

This is what the inside of Snowy looked like on sunday :(
Awww poor baby! I hope your bunz is feeling better soon!

Our Stewie had stasis too. He's 10 years old and doing well now!
Ten? awwww! I hope my buns have long lives.

Snowy seems to be doing better. She ate a whole head of romaine and some cucumber. I may not have to syringe feed her today but I will keep giving her the cesapride until she poops more normally.
Right! We had a scare recently where he wasn't eating, but there was no stasis. Critical care, and he eventually started eating again. He's still got a lot of personality, so.... ☺️

I'm so glad to hear that Snowy seems to be feeling better!! Hopefully she continues this trend!
She's doing better!

Why oh why must our bunnies be so fickle?
I'm so glad Snowy is doing better. Hang in there!
Thank you <3