Ophelia (starrynight) wrote in bunnyowners,

stasis :(

My sweet little Snowy has stasis. I noticed she hadnt eaten her pellets from last night and that was very unlike her, so I took her to a vet because my normal one didn't have any appointments for two weeks.

Anyway, x-ray confirmed stasis and Snowy has a lot of gas bubbles in the cecum. Snowy got painkillers, sub-q fluids, and a dose of cisapride. I came home with critical care and cisapride. I did some belly massaging and after the second dose of cisapride, I heard a lot of rumbling so I hope the gas is passing.

What I think happened is that my toddler threw something in her cage that he shouldn't have, like foam, and she ingested it which is causing the stasis.

I hope she gets better :/

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