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This community is intended for general bunny owners (indoor, outdoor, breeding, showing owners) to post questions, photos, and just having a general chat about bunnies!
Upon joining bunnyowners, please make an introductory post introducing yourself and your bunny / bunnies! :D

Quick Links;
Common Topics
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Please read the rules and notes thoroughly once to prevent possible misunderstandings:

1. Common Courtesy: Please do not use excessive profanity in posts or comments or they will be deleted. Posts or comments with certain levels of profanity are excusable and some would be understandable.
Posts or comments containing anything racist, sexist or a personal attack towards others would be deleted without question and will not be tolerated. Please respect everyone as you would like them to respect you!

2. Tagging Your Posts: One of the reasons we're all here is to learn from each other. To make the community a better resource, we ask that everyone appropriately use the available tags when writing up new posts.

3. Opinions & Beliefs:Everyone is different so please express your opinion rather than forcing your beliefs onto another person. If they do not seem to want to understand what you are trying to inform them on, it’s better just to ignore them. There is no use trying to tell someone something when they don’t want to understand, right? :P

4. Rabbits for Meat or Fur: For those who kill rabbits for meat and fur, quite frankly to say, this community is not meant for you. We generally focus on pet, breeding, show animals and we consider them as companion animals rather than eating or wearing them. Please do not post about rabbits you breed for meat or fur - if you also have rabbits as companions do feel free to post about them.

This particular rule DOES NOT refer to all rabbit breeders!

5. Photos & Pictures: All photos & pictures are best behind an LJ cut. Smaller photos & pictures can be posted directly, while large or multiple photos & pictures that distort the layout should be kept behind a cut because other members may have a slower connection and they would likely appreciate easy navigation.
If you don't know how to use the cut tag read this. Moderators can’t edit posts, so if your picture absurdly large or if you have countless multiple pictures not behind a tag, you will be asked to edit the post or it will be deleted.

6. Rabbits for Adoption: These posts are allowed but please keep them to rescue situations.
If you foster a bunny, and would like to post his/her photo and information to let other members know that your foster bunny is available for adoption - please feel free to.

7. Rabbits for Sale: These posts & comments are not allowed; this issue was voted on by community members. The result would be deletion of post or comment.
Referring someone to shelters or breeders is allowed.

8. Community Promotion: Do not promote communities in the bunnyowners community, whether as a post or comment, these belong in community_promo. This issue has been voted on by the members and will not change. The result would be deletion of post or comment. We also do not like to sound harsh but the rules must be enforced.
If you are a member and you would like to promote your community of any kind, you should consider contacting a moderator to get permission. If not, your post or comment will simply be deleted.

9. Trolls, Drama & Personal Defense: Anyone who makes a post or comment intended to be offensive will be banned from the community.
If you submit us to LJ Drama, you will be banned. Drama happens when users conflict between other users. Drama is not the fault of the community itself.
Please do not join the community in order to defend a friend and/ or create mischief. Your post or comment will be deleted and if you continue to do so, you will be banned.

10. Banning Trolls from YOUR Personal Livejournal: To learn how to bann trolls from your own personal journal, click here.
There have been certain Livejournal users that troll this community and have been adding our members randomly. Simply click the link above to learn how to bann them from your personal journal. They won't be able to read your journal, and they won't appear on your "Friend Of" list.
If enough people bann these trolls, Livejournal admins will remove accounts that are being banned most often. Therefore solving the problem of "drama" caused by these trolls for everyone on Livejournal.

11. Memories (post archives): Feel free to visit the community memories (post archives) to find FAQ, tutorials, and other useful information on rabbits in general. This is for your convenience and interest even if you aren't a member!
Feel free to write anything informative on rabbits and post them in the community; the community benefits from informative works and we may archive that post. :) Some topics, to give you can idea about what you can write about could be outdoor rabbits, health issues, housing comparisons etc.

Thank You!

If you can any questions, comments, suggestions, or if you feel you need to report an offensive post or comment made, feel free to contact the current moderators:

thank_you (comment here)
pooti (comment here)

Or send an e-mail to
**NOTE** If you don't receive an initial response within 24 hours, your email may have been caught in our spam filter. If you have concerns, leave us a comment and let us know to check out email :-)

There are other more specific communities relating to rabbits that I'm sure their mods would love if you joined! :


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